When your kids are thirsty, they need a refreshing drink to quench their thirst. We know that water is the best choice for us when we are thirsty—it’s a beverage that’s going to keep our bodies healthy AND hydrated!

Unfortunately, sugary drinks are often what children and adults reach for, sometimes because they’re cheaper, sometimes because they’re easier to find. Whatever the reason, we’re not doing our bodies any favors. Sugary drinks are just “empty” calories. That is, the caloric sweeteners in them have no nutritional value. To make matters worse, sugary drinks have a unique and proven harm. Consumption is directly linked to expensive, chronic illnesses, such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Drinking just one sugary drink a day increases a woman’s risk for type 2 diabetes by 80% and increases a man’s risk of heart disease by 20%.

At a time when more people are concerned about their health and how what they eat and drink plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy weight in order to prevent issues such as diabetes and heart disease, we must focus on making healthy drink options the norm for kids and families.

It’s time we take steps to stop sugary drinks from hooking our kids.

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Water Bottle Filling Stations in Kentucky Schools!

Kentucky has become the first state to require water bottle filling stations for all newly constructed schools and school modernization projects!

April 22, 2019

Heathier Kids’ Meals in Wilmington, Delaware!

BIG NEWS out of Delaware! The Wilmington City Council approved an ordinance that requires restaurants in the city to offer healthy beverages as the default drink included in kids’ meals sold at a single price.

October 11, 2018

Breaking News: CA Governor signs bill for healthier beverages in restaurant kids’ meals

California made history  by becoming the first state to ensure that water or milk comes standard with kids’ meals at all restaurants!

September 21, 2018